Acid Casuals (M+P)
Anya Marina (M)
Augustines (M+P)
Austin Colbe (M+P)
Joe Bataan (M+P)
Black Hearted Brother (M+P)
Calla (M) Excluding Strength In Numbers
Celebration (M+P) (P only for 4AD releases)
Cian Ciaran (M+P)
Cigarettes After Sex (M+P)
Clorox Girls (M+P)
Cornelius (M)
The Del Moroccos (M)
Early Man (M+P)
Figs Vision (M+P)
Film School (M+P) (P only for Beggars releases)
Grand Ole Party (M+P)

Hana Lulu (M+P)
Happy People (M+P)
Icebird (M)
L.A. Drugz (M+P)
The Loose Salute (M)
The Mermaid Project (M+P)
The Midnight Pine (M+P)
Mt. Royal (M+P)
The National (Brassland releases) (M)
Nico Vega (M)
Oh No Ono (M+P)
Psychic Ills (M+P)

RJD2 (M) Excluding The Third Hand, More Is Than Isn't, + Dame Fortune
Robbers On High Street (M+P)
Sacred Caves (M+P)
Skating Polly (M)
Slowdive (P)
Soviet (M+P)
Suspect Parts (M+P)
Aurelio Valle (M)
Weekend (M+P)
With Lions (M+P)


M - master     P - publishing


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The Scoop on Syncalicious

After ten years of successfully representing some of the hottest indie bands for one of the biggest independent record labels in the world (Beggars Group and Matador Records), an opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles presented itself, which I couldn't refuse. So, in 2007, I headed west, to the land of sunshine, where I set up my own independent shop as a licensing representative and music supervisor.
Working closely with artists, managers, publishers, other music supervisors, and various industry folks to pitch and place songs in a multitude of visual mediums has always been my focus and strength. These relationships, plus my deep knowledge and passion for music, have helped make Syncalicious a reality.
Please continue to send us your searches and consider us for your upcoming projects!


Jennifer Lanchart