Acid Casuals (M+P)
Anya Marina (M)
Augustines (M+P)
Austin Colbe (M+P)
Joe Bataan (M+P)
Black Hearted Brother (M+P)
Calla (M) Excluding Strength In Numbers
Celebration (M+P) (P only for 4AD releases)
Cian Ciaran (M+P)
Cigarettes After Sex (M+P)
Clorox Girls (M+P)
Cornelius (M)
The Del Moroccos (M)
Early Man (M+P)
Figs Vision (M+P)
Film School (M+P) (P only for Beggars releases)
Grand Ole Party (M+P)

Hana Lulu (M+P)
Happy People (M+P)
Icebird (M)
L.A. Drugz (M+P)
The Loose Salute (M)
The Mermaid Project (M+P)
The Midnight Pine (M+P)
Mt. Royal (M+P)
The National (Brassland releases) (M)
Nico Vega (M)
Oh No Ono (M+P)
Psychic Ills (M+P)

RJD2 (M) Excluding The Third Hand, More Is Than Isn't, + Dame Fortune
Robbers On High Street (M+P)
Sacred Caves (M+P)
Skating Polly (M)
Slowdive (P)
Soviet (M+P)
Suspect Parts (M+P)
Aurelio Valle (M)
Weekend (M+P)
With Lions (M+P)


M - master     P - publishing